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From the last blog

I used to blog. I had a pretty solid run on tumblr that started about a decade ago. Years after I stopped posting, the blog seemed to just disappear and has since been replaced with whatever is now on (http://alexwhines.tumblr.com). I was briefly distraught that I lost my archive but got over it. Months later, I discovered that the blog had survived; it had merely been moved to (http://alexwhines-blog.tumblr.com).

The url change has made navigating the site difficult, but I scraped the post containing my greatest hits and fixed the url in the links below. For your reading pleasure:

Some of my better posts

Nesting and recursion in fun places:
More words:

Back in 2019: In addition to all the the fun posts above that I am 100% not ashamed of, my old blog did contain some missteps. Sorry for the bad opinions and shoddy work!